Established 1881

Jameson Grove United Methodist Church is one of the oldest black churches in the county. It is located in the northeast corner of Union County on the outskirts of the Keownville Community.

The church is in the process of remodeling the building which is about 50 years old and is located near the spot where the original church once stood. The church has 21 members.

Henderson Albritton, a deacon of Jamieson Grove is one of the two senior church officers and is also the oldest living member. Deacon Homer Payton is the other senior
church officer.

Junior officers are deacons Ken Brown, Herman Payton and O’Neal Payton. Pastor is the Rev. James Wardell Dye.

Land for the church was first deeded by J. H. Jamieson March 7, 1881 to “promote public morality and religion.” The deed was not recorded in the chancery clerk’s office until April 21, 1916.

The church was named Jamieson Grove Methodist Episcopal Church in honor of Mr. Jamieson. Edmond Payton, Amoziah Kelley and Spence Wells were first deacons.